Our responsibility

Our ocean doesn’t just represent our past.
It’s our future.

The ocean truly does represent both our past and our future. It’s why we have a significant series of management practices in place, all designed to minimize environmental impact while producing healthy, delicious seafood. We work with veterinarians, biologists, and feed specialists to raise healthy, quality salmon in line with rigorous four-star BAP certification processes. And we practice innovative, sustainable farming techniques including bay management, crop rotation, fallowing of farms between crops, and strict bio-security protocols to keep our salmon and environment healthy and strong for the future.

Certifications and ratings.

Our certifications represent our ongoing commitment to support all endeavors that strengthen the health and longevity of the world’s oceans.

Cutler Cove comes from the only North American salmon producer that has fully integrated four-star BAP certification.

Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) is an international, third-party certification system that verifies each step in the production chain based on food safety, environmental responsibility, social accountability, and animal health and welfare. It is the world’s most trusted, comprehensive, and proven third-party aquaculture certification program.

A Maine tradition
of sustainability.

Ingenuity is in our nature. A respect for the ocean in our blood. We’ve been doing this for decades and a passion for what we do and the environment that allows us to do it is rooted in us all. We’re always looking for ways to do even more by reducing pressure on wild salmon stocks, implementing fallow periods, using recyclable packaging, and producing a domestic-raised Atlantic salmon, exceptional for its quality.