Frequently asked Questions


Maine is home to the only remaining populations of wild Atlantic salmon in America. Our salmon live and grow in their natural environment in the cold, clean waters of Maine. Cutler Cove salmon truly does come from right where nature intended.

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Fallowing/seabed rest periods

  • After harvest the sea site is left in what’s called a ‘fallow period’. During this period we let the sea site rest untouched to helping the environment work to restore itself.

Recyclable Packing

When you purchase Cutler Cove Salmon you can rest assured that the packaging we shipped our salmon is recyclable.

  • Outer corrugate box is made from 76% recyclable materials and is 100% biodegradable & recyclable.
  • Thermal liner is recyclable in most states ((The metalized film component of ThermaFresh, which represents less than 5% in weight of the whole container, may not be recycled by some recycling programs.)
  • Bag liner is 100% recyclable
  • Butcher paper 100% recyclable

Carbon footprint 

    • Cutler Cove Salmon is proudly made in Maine. Being close to the source not only means supporting local but it also means it gets to you by truck and versus air travel there is a significant reduction in carbon footprint.


Cutler Cove salmon is always 100% antibiotic free.

Our Atlantic salmon consume a specially formulated feed which includes proteins and fats from marine and plant-based ingredients, as well as grains, minerals and vitamins. This ensures they receive all the nutrients they require for healthy growth and development. All ingredients are from responsible sources and are regularly audited. 

Feeding farmed fish is very efficient. Research findings show that much more fish protein is gained by farming salmon than is used to produce the fish feed.

Feed conversion ratio (FCR) is calculated from the number of kilograms of feed used to produce one kilogram (kg) of fish. On average our FCR is 1.2 kg of feed to produce 1 kg of fish. Ongoing improvements are continuously moving that ratio closer to 1:1.

Our full-time dedicated fish health team are focused on fish health 24/7. Our team of veterinarians, fish health technicians, lab technicians & many support staff are out on the water caring for our salmon daily. When not being watched by our team our array of above and underwater cameras and monitoring tools are keeping a watchful eye.

It takes 30 – 36 months for our Cutler Cove Salmon to grow to full size. From the day they are brought to sea to the day they leave our fish farmers care for and watch these salmon grow.

Fresh never frozen… it couldn’t get more fresh than this!