Ocean-raised Atlantic Salmon.
straight from the heart of maine.

The Maine

Raised in a pristine ocean environment off the seacoast of Maine, surrounded by inlets, islands, coves and bays, Cutler Cove Salmon is exceptional in every way. From the the only ocean-raised Atlantic salmon producer in America, grown in cold crisp waters of the Gulf of Maine, fed by the cold-water currents and high tides that provide ideal conditions – ideal conditions for raising salmon.

The best salmon
starts with
the best

The cold, clean waters of Maine are nothing short of magical – the perfect habitat to raise Atlantic salmon. That’s why we raise Cutler Cove salmon here, and nowhere else, under the watchful eye of dedicated men and women whose families have carved a life by the sea for generations. The result is a product that is defined by its texture, flavor, and made-in-America freshness.

Exceptional quality.
It’s the American way.

to perfection.

Everything we do, from egg to plate, matters. Our vertically integrated operations ensure the highest quality processes, people, and product. Raised without the use of antibiotics, our four-star BAP certified salmon is delivered fresh to chefs and seafood lovers across America.

The pursuit of excellence
is hard work.